Key features of Yogic Foods family of Apps on iOS

  • Get a map of all the chakras of the body with details including their associated mantra and ways to restore balance.
  • Learn about imbalances, symptoms, remedy and mantra of each chakra, and get associated beneficial recipes in all 3 YogicFoods editions - Original, Baking and International.
  • Recipes provide a description of the recipe, ingredients, method in easy to follow steps. Each recipe offers an easy overview of the Yogic and Ayurvedic benefits of the ingredients (vegetables, fruit, spices and more).
  • Enjoy one or all 3 editions of Yogic foods on iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch. Each edition, Original, Baking and Festive, has its own unique set of recipes.
  • All recipes are vegetarian, with many vegan options as well as vegan alternatives. Also gluten free recipes and alternatives are included.
  • Yogicfoods - Original includes delicious original recipes and classics like soup, pasta, chai, noodles, salads, sides and mains.
  • Yogicfoods - Baking includes delicious original baking recipes from sweet pies to savory quiches, from cookies to crumbles and from pizza to burger.
  • Yogicfoods - International includes delicious original recipes for festive occasions and holiday celebrations.
  • New Recipe view to start from the recipes of the dishes you like
  • New Receipes for Essentials like Chai, Paneer and Ghee (Clarified Butter)
  • Winderful integrated help
  • YogicFoods, YogicFoods - Baking and YogicFoods International available for iPhone and iPodTouch.
  • YogicFoodsHD, YogicFoodsHD - Baking and YogicFoodsHD International available for iPad and optimized with a new look and design for iOS7.
  • Each update gets more recipes.  Buy once and keep getting new and delicious vegan and vegetarian Yogic foods recipes.

Note: For entertainment and education only.